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Acura NSX 2013 for lease
Acura NSX: three long years of waiting.If we were to find a car in charge of Acuras popular early in its history, our choice would stop on the NSX. This super sports car, introduced first in 1990, four years after the birth of the brand, came from the outset to set the bar very high. Carrier technology strongly inspired by Formula 1, the NSX has been drooling over one. It is with tears in his eyes that fans attended his last hurray in 2005..
Acura RL for lease
You probably know what a geek. In the slang of the IT world, a geek is a person full of talent, probably.knowing everything about everything, but whose physical appearance and dress are not in harmony with the.aesthetic canons in force. It seems that the Acura RL is fairly consistent with that definition. At the
Acura TSX Sport Wagon for lease
The Acura division of Japanese giant Honda has just issued a small press release, announcing the arrival just in the fall of 2010,.a new sport wagon that will be added to the range of TSX sedans. It will be known as Acura TSX Sport Wagon..Like the sedan, the Sport Wagon is announced to us is first and foremost, the European version of the Honda Accord Tourer known
Acura TSX for lease
The first Acura TSX was certainly the most European of Japanese sedans available with us..Surprising since it was a version of the midsize sedan that Honda intended buyers from overseas who travel the roads.narrower and do not like to drive the complex and setting north Americans for big cars and motors in V.

American Honda Sure Could Use A Hit Vehicle Is it Acura TLX?
American Honda could use a jolt, as sales of both Honda and Acura brands have suffered  this year even amid a continued boom in the U.S. car market. Mike Accavitti hopes that jolt will come in the form of the all-new Acura TLX luxury-performance sedan that the Honda-owned premium brand will begin advertising next week and start selling in September.

2015 Acura TLX Ad C aign Shows Us a Kind of Thrill W Video
Acura is launching it's biggest ad campaign ever for the 2015 TLX later this week, and we get our first peek at some of the videos.

Incentive program, new models come to Lehigh Valley Acura
STEWARTSVILLE, N.J., Aug. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- With the 2015 model year in full swing, Lehigh Valley Acura has seen its fair share of brand new models arrive on its lot.  Included in these makes ...

2015 Acura TLX first drive for real this time AutoWeek Acura TLX first drive (for real this time) AutoWeek In the case of the new Acura TLX it's somewhere in between. The TLX is closest in feel and performance to the Lexus IS, but exhibits elements of all its competitors in one way or another. The new “entry premium” sedan fills the space previously held by ... PWC: Acura TLX-GT set for debut at Mid-Ohio Acura TLX sets new benchmark for mid level sport luxury performance Torque News.Early contact ruins new Acura TLX GT's second outing at Mid-Ohio - Automotive Business Review. - 40 news articles ».

TLX Coupe Would be Acura s 4 Series Rival Is there any Point to it? Carscoops blog
Carscoops (blog).TLX Coupe Would be Acura's 4-Series Rival – Is there any Point to it? Carscoops (blog) Do you think the same person who prefers a new Acura TLX sedan over a German or American equivalent would also be interested in the car's two-door variant? Such a car would go up against the likes of the BMW 4-Series, Cadillac ATS Coupe and Lexus ....

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